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We are a Norwegian family who has been fascinated by Andalucía and vacationed here for more than 30 years. As northerners, the warm climate attracted us, as well as the beautiful nature, rich culture and the history of the region. Our interest in aesthetics and architecture led us to the beautiful mountain village of Frigiliana, and when we first discovered Finca Parrilla, we fell in love at first sight. When we bought the property all houses were in need of a full renovation- as well as the overgrown garden. It has taken years to get the property as it stands today. We have been working hard and following our dreams to create a place inspired by nature, tranquility and healthy living.


To inspire and improve the quality of life. Nature is our inspiration.
We believe
• That mountain hiking brings us back to the basics of nature
• And that organic food creates a healthier lifestyle, physically, mentally and spiritually!

Values and recommendations for your stay:
• We invite you to relinquish responsibility and have fun!
• Focus on you!
• Achieve the goals that brought you here
• Smile and laugh often!
• Be honest with yourself
• Be present in yourself
• Be in the moment
• Always give your best!
• Remember that every person's journey is different from your own
• Treat everyone the way you want to be treated yourself
• Tell us if you have any challenges
• Trust our staff
• We will be there for you
• If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will always find a solution.
• We recommend disconnecting electronic devices to be more present in yourself during your stay. For those who need to stay connected, please limit the use of the telephone to your room which has good wi-fi.


We are dedicated to preserving and protecting the planet, and we try to integrate sustainable practices at every opportunity throughout our concept.