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DATES 2023

Sol Nourishment Retreats will take you on a journey to embrace &discover your highest self...
Spend time in nature. Unplug from the stress of daily life. Build community. Connect with like-minded souls. Breath deeply.
Move and nourish your body. Free your wild spirit. Embrace the present moment. Be your best self.


Karlien is a locally based Yoga teacher and has been a Yoga practitioner since a very young age; “it was one of my after-school activities". At the age of 21she first travelled to India, where her fascination for Yoga grew. Karlien has completed a 4-year Yoga Teacher Training, in the European Sadhana Teacher Training School. She stayed at the Sivananda Meenakshi Ashram in India to learn from Sivananda teachers and continue to learn and enroll in different teacher trainings to offer the best possible care in her class.

The yoga classes are a mixture of Hatha yoga, calm vinyasa (yoga flow), yin yoga, breathing exercises and mindfulness meditation. We start the day with a soft morning yoga class (60 minutes), to wake up our bodies after a great night sleep and to help us prepare our hips, spine, and our energy through breathing for a morning meditation session in The Chapel.

The yoga classes take place in the beautiful garden. While we practice outdoors, surrounded by the natural park of Almijara, we deepen our breathing, focusing on renewing the air in our lungs and focus on learning new healthy breathing patterns. Practicing outdoors also allows us to relax due to the soothing effect of nature on our nervous system..Yoga is suitable for everyone regardless of age and physical form and you do not need to have experience with yoga before. Here you work on your own level and with your own starting point. We explain the exercises clearly and adapt to your individual needs.

The yoga / hiking vacation will be a break from daily demands and obligations. We offer the opportunity to stop, make time for yourself, to let go of tensions related to stress, bad posture, bad sleeping or eating habits.  When the program is complete, the participants have practiced yoga and meditation every day, hiked in the mountains, relaxed, and taken in nature's healing effect on body and soul.Guests will travel home with inspiration and better health! This retreat is ideal for singles, couples, friends or groups..
Karoline, RYT 200+ hour, is certified in Hatha-Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative yoga. She has had a strong personal practice for over 10 years, and has been teaching for over 5 years. Karoline’s yoga classes are suitable for any level yoga practitioner. She strives to ensure that everybody can practice yoga(flexibility is not a prerequisite), and her classes accommodate to make all feel welcome and at ease. Karoline invites her students to set mindful intentions, and to go beyond the strengthening and lengthening poses, but rather to go within. To witness, observe, and to learn about the deeper parts of ourselves.


Classes with Karoline emphasize the use of particular prana or breathing techniques in order to focus within, connect to our physical bodies, and circulate life force energy through the moving body to facilitate the utmost highest level of healing. Yoga is a significant part of the daily schedule at Sol Nourishment Retreats. Each day, we will rise with the sun and greet her with an energizing vinyasa flow practice outside in the gardens. Most afternoons will end with a blissful yin or restorative practice to bring the day to a soft close.

Meditation is an important part of our daily routine at Sol Nourishment Retreats. Your host will guide you through meditations that will take you on a journey to discover and explore the depths of your being. Meditation techniques will vary from guided imageries, manifestation, to yoga nidra relaxation meditations. Prepare to come out of this experience with a more profound understanding of yourself, and a deeper connection to the Universe, or source energy.
Reiki is an ancient energetic healing practice that is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what makes us alive. If this life force energy is low, we are more likely to feel stress or become ill, and if it is high we are more capable of being healthy and happy. Reiki is a natural method of energetic, spiritual healing that everyone can use. A reiki treatment involves laying hands on the receiver in order to share and move life force energy. It feels like a loving glowing radiance of positive, healing energy that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person; mind, body, and spirit, increasing one’s feeling of relaxation, peace, and wellbeing. Each guest will receive a relaxing reiki healing treatment from your host, Karoline.

(Qi Gong Infused) Dance Meditation:A class that will combine mindful movement, dancing, journaling, breathing and energy work! We will emphasize attention to the breath and awareness of the subtle body, mind and heart. This class aims to be a form of movement mantra that embodies the intuitive wisdom within!

A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to gather in community and an intentional space to enjoy the medicine that is ceremonial cacao. It is a time and space of ritual to set new inventions, open up to inner awakenings and creative guidance. Your hosts will be guiding you through a beautiful cacao ceremony that will include meditation and prayerful intention setting, followed by a guided ceremonial dance.


Guided nature hikes will take place among the Sierra de Tejada, Almijara, and Alhama mountain range, a natural park filled with streams, rivers, beaches, and trails among the mountains in the Malaga/Granada province of Southern Spain.We will also take a group trip to the beach. The nearby village of Frigiliana is within walking distance, therefore guests will be able to go at their leisure during free time.


Peacefully located at the foot of the Teida and Alhama Mountains, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Finca Parrilla provides the perfect setting for tranquility. The Finca is a property, offering a combination of elegant accommodation and beautiful surroundings. It consists of two houses, lovely rooms, a swimming pool, yoga facilities and a small Maria Chapel for silence and meditation.
Finca Parrilla is surrounded by a large "Alhambra Garden" with small fountains, orange trees, apricots, mangoes, figs, olives and a small vineyard. The Finca has its own large swimming pool. A morning swim is fresh and gives a wonderful start to the day! The Finca is without TV, only surrounded by tranquility, fantastic views and nature.

The property has six large, airy bright bedrooms. These spacious rooms have four-poster beds, double beds or single beds in each room. Accommodation is based on two people sharing a room and two rooms sharing delicate bathrooms. We always have nice guests who are happy to share a room, if you are traveling alone.


• Own mat if you want (we offer yoga mats at Parrilla)
• Small notebook
• Soft flexible clothes
• Some warm clothes, for morning yoga outdoors.
• 2 water bottles of 1 liter
• Swimwear
• Pool towel
• Sun protection, (with high factor) caps and sunglasses
• Shoos for mountain hiking


A culinary experience of Spanish cuisine!
Inspired by nature, our organic, plant-based cuisine is a highlight for our guests and a key component of our approach to health and wellness. With this in mind, our Spanish chef has developed Mediterranean specialties with ingredients from local organic producers in the area. Our chef has been working for us for several years and she is really passionate about vegetarian food. These healthy meals fuels your active days and builds a healthier mind and body. The menu is seasonal, combined with fruits and herbs from our own garden which is a great inspiration.


7 DAYS RATE: 2465€

Your All-Inclusive Package Includes:

Daily yoga classes
• Qi gong/ dance fusion classes

Reiki healing session,
one hour long massage
Round trip airport transportation
Six nights 7 days accommodations in a double occupancy room
Daily breakfast, daily lunch, dinner on first & last night
A group hiking excursion, group trip to the beach, group sharing circles
Cacao ceremony, & DIY wellness workshops.

(Not included in the price: Airline tickets)

Final Date to register by is August 1, 2023